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<20th SEP, 2008 - 24th SEP, 2008> Ulaanbaatar

I am an Asian, however It is my first country as visiting to another ASIA.
Geographically Japan - Mongolia has opposite location,

Japan : the country is surrounded by the sea.
Mogolia : the country doesn't have the sea.

However, I realized that Mongolia is the one of roots is related with Japanese biologically.
Because 99.5% of Japanese baby got a birthmark which called "Mongolian spot" It is like blue stain on the rump.


We have had the Japan - Mogolia jont business meeting in the chinggis Khaan hotel. That was very successfully, TV and Newspaper was coming up to interview us.
We have visited to the chamber of industorial, the custom office, the container yard.
It was really good experience to see the process by my eyes directly.


About the Mongolian Foods...NO much for the seefoods.
Taste good, but it was too heavy for me, was missing to have some "SUSHI"
Because, most of meals are meats as like an African foods from my experience
That is why, the Mongolian guy is bigger than Japanese, and looks strong.
Also they love to drink so much...you could hear so many " TOGU-TOYO"

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