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How to buy cars from RANX

How To

<STEP 1> Search & Find your car

Please choose the vehicle from our stock list is uploaded often.
Note : The List price is FOB
If you don't see your favorite vehicle from our stock list, Please use Inquiry form to ask.


  1. Email us which car you have chosen to ask the detail, and let us know your name, address, phone, country, port, etc
  2. We will get back to you with all informaion & total amount & more than 10 photos.
  3. When you decide to purchase the vehicle, we will Email or Fax you the pro foma invoice.

<STEP 2> Payment

About the COST

CIF is main term and conditions of our business.

[ FOB ] *The List price is FOB
Free On Board charges include various charges such as
- Auction purchasing fee : USS/10.000YEN     I-AUC/20.000YEN
- Trans-potation fee to bring to the storage : 10.000YEN ( Kanto area )
*Another area will be charged as Long-distance Charges
- Storage fees until shipment(up to 30 days), : 500YEN/per day.
- Customs clearance : 15.000YEN
- Documentation charges : 10.000YEN
- Our commission for handling : 70.000YEN/ per unit.
Note : these cost is NOT necessary for every client. Please let me know if you need it below.
- JEVIC / JAAI inspection charge : 20.000YEN
- Marine Insurance : 10.000YEN
[ Ocean Freight ]
Note : Ocean freight is NOT include FOB charge.
Shipping Calculator http://www.tradecarview.com/ship/
[ Bidding fee & payment ]
- Bidding fee: $10/ per unit
- Deposit to bid: 10% of your bidding price /Min $1000
Note :
1 ) We don't accept your cancellation after we purchased, deposit will be taken as penalty.
2 ) The final payment must be transferred within 14days from date of purchased.

Our Bank Detail

1-2-16 YAESU, CHUOU-KU, TOKYO, 103-0028
TEL : +81-3-3201-5111

Saving Account : 1996030


Once we agree on the deal, we will issue the pro forma invoice.
You send us 50% of amount to above account within 5 business days from date of issued.
Please be careful the contract will be cancelled, if you delay without your notice.

<STEP 3> Shipment

We have strict policy for booking after we received 50% of total amount

Basically we use RORO shipment, it is more quality, and reasonable for regular vehicle.
We will update you the situation on the process, and email or Fax you the copy of B/L (Bill of Lading).
When you confirm the B/L, make us a balance to complete the 100% payment.
Then we will send you all documents to your physical address by EMS.

Note : The shipping schedule is variable,if it is possible.
We recommend you to book yourself.

[ Regular mailing ]
EMS ( Express Mailing Service )
[ Quick mailing ]
DHL : 3.000YEN extra.

<STEP 4> After service

When we send the documents, it is NOT finished yet.
We have strong connection with parts & accessory factory in Japan.
We can support your after business as supply that parts & accessory & wheels.
If you need something like that, please contact us, we will find a way.

Parts list


< Important Notice >

  • There is wide range of regulation in every country to import the used vehicle.
  • We request you confirm the regulation in your side before you complete an oreder.
  • It is definitely impossible to accept any trouble after local arrival. we have No resposility.
  • When the payment isn't completed within 5days after we sent p-invoice we make cancellation automatically.