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<18th OCT, 2007> On the African continent


This is my best friends and business partner in Kenya, like my family.
We have seen so many business opportunity between Kenya & Japan.
This is the starting my business trip....


<19th OCT , 2007> The Happy happening on the street


Unbelievably, I met this corolla in nairobi. this car was sent by me from Japan,
when I was visiting to show room with my business card.
It was very very emotional meeting with this NZE121 made me so happy.


<20th - 21th OCT , 2007> The Rally Country Kenya

Fortunately, I went to enjoy the KCB GURU NANAK RALLY( Masai Mara )
Then I met these lovely kidz in front of gate, they were waiting for the rally cars coming.
Most of car was Japanese car SUBARU, MITSHUBISHI, TOYOTA, ETC...

The one of my good experience was what I met a Masai people there.
My friend told me they could keep walking for 4days without water.

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<22th OCT , 2007> Meat, eat , Meat.


I don't have a memory to eat something except meat in Kenya.
They eat meat before meal, and meal is meat and Ugari.
That's why the African are very very strong & tough.
Actually, it is tasty. However, I was missing a Fish.


<23th OCT , 2007> Tax free, Religion free, Feel free.


I stopped by Dubai on the back way to Japan.
Then I felt it is NOT strict of Islamic culture less than other countries.
so many foreign visitor is always staying there...and tax free.
You can feel FREE to have a beer.


<24th OCT , 2007> DUBAI FREE ZONE


I went to the used car market in free-zone. There was so many car dealership there.
This place is absolutely working as commercial to export & import for all of world.
Most of people are Pakistani & Persian & African doing the business with Tax free.
They are always negotiating from whole sale price.