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<24th MAR, 2008 - 28th MAR, 2008> Calgary, (Alberta)

Beyond the rocky mountain

About 10h flight from Tokyo.
There is an imported used Japanese car market.
I visited my business partner who has own business for long time in Canada.
He took me around his filed as well; it was very good to see the local market.
We went to the auto auction, parts depot, car dealer anywhere I was looking for.
North American market is very interesting; they need a car and taking care very much.
That experience could make me an inspiration for nice idea homely.

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<29th MAR, 2008 - 1h APR, 2008> Vancouver, (British Colombia)

The international city Vancouver

So many kind of nation are living together in this city.
You can meet most of the people from the country in a world.
Actually, I used live in here for few years to learn about the business.
Vancouver is very important place for import & Export as main port of west-coast.
Fortunately, I could get the ticket for Vancouver Auto Show 2008.
The concept was the environmentally-friendly, an alternate energy, timely subject.
Also this city is having the winter Olympic in 2010.
Globally the People, Products, Information, Money is going around that kind of place.
So it is good for me to have old friend who can support me kindly.

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